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Knights of Columbus Web Sites

http://www.kofc.org - Supreme Council

http://www.knightsgear.com/regalia#product-details - Purchase New Uniform

http.adwdistrict.org - Archdiocese of Washington District

http.www.kcmaryland4th.org - Maryland District

http://masterpawest.info - PA West District

http://www.de-kofc.org - Delaware State Council

http://www.dcknights.org - District of Columbia State Council

http://www.kofc-md.org - Maryland State Council

http://www.pakofc.us/ - Pennsylvania State Council

http://www.vakofc.org - Virginia State Council

http://www.hennepinprovince.org/ - Hennepin Province -- Michigan & Ohio

http://www.thesword.8k.com/ - Healy Province -- Connecticut

Patriotic Web Sites

Declaration of Independence - http://www.ceharger.com/decofindp.htm

Constitution - http://constitutionus.com/

Bill of Rights - http://www.ceharger.com/billorights.htm

Pledge of Allegiance - http://www.ceharger.com/pledge.htm

I am the Flag of the United States - http://www.chaplin-nest.com/unkarock/flag.htm

Old Glory - http://www.ceharger.com/oldglory.htm

When and How to Fly the United States Flag - http://www.ceharger.com/flagcode.htm

The 13 Folds of the Flag - http://www.ceharger.com/flagfolding.htm

I am the Flag - http://www.ceharger.com/iamtheflag.htm

Ragged Old Flag - http://www.ceharger.com/raggedflag.htm

Star Spangled Banner - http://www.ceharger.com/ssbanner.htm

Statue of Liberty - http://www.ceharger.com/liberty.htm

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